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Rules for advertising

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Rules for advertising

Post by Jped on Mon Dec 22, 2008 7:52 pm

IF you do not have more than 50 posts when you make an advertisement here, it will be deleted ON SIGHT. This is because too many people think that UltimateNaruto is a place to put up advertisements alone...Guess what? it isn't.

So basically, you RP and have some fun on this forum, and get the added benefit of being able to Advertise when the time comes.

Any topics that are made before i hit submit are protected, unless The Admin's Pruning doesn't delete it.

Pm Advertising

This brings up another issue. PM advertisements are something we can't really do anything about, except threaten those who do it with loss of PMing Privleges, Bans, or something of the like, it isn't my authority to govern what's in the Pm's.

Please do NOT advertise via PM, you'll only get strife.

Another issue is Signature Advertising. If any of the moderators see that your signature is advertising another sight without the required posts, then your signature will be taken off. If you do continue to abuse it, you won't have a signature. And if it comes to me banning, then I'll do. I hate banning people, but people just don't know when to quit.

Do not use banners as a method of advertising. Simple.

All you have to do to advertise is to get 50 posts, which in this case, isn't alot. An average active participant can earn almost 100 posts in less than 2 weeks. Not even a week if your extremely active.

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